Congratulations on starting your law school journey. At the outset, I want to emphasize that as much as the websites and marketing materials would have you believe otherwise, there is no such thing as a perfect law school.  The law school application process is all about fit—finding law schools that are a good match for you based on your interests, abilities, values, aspirations, and preferences, both social and academic. For many, that process begins at a LSAC Forum.  Here are three recommended actions all students can take after you attend a Law School Forum.

  1. Follow Up With The Admissions Rep – Take note of the people you are meeting and follow up with a professional email thanking him or her for their time and reminding them who you are.  The recruiter is meeting hundreds of people per week (or sometimes a day at a forum event) and might not automatically remember you. In the event that you had a lengthy conversation with one or more of the law school reps, it never hurts to thank them for their time. While you definitely were not the only student they spoke to, this simple act has the potential to leave a big impression.  Keep it short, polite, and professional.
  2. Organize Your Law School Information – It could be tempting to toss all the viewbooks in a pile, but I recommend organizing and identifying which law schools were your favorites.  Did you find a diamond in the rough?  Did you talk to a law school that wasn’t on your radar?  Organizing that school’s information in relation to your other top choices makes your decision process even more dynamic.  In addition, look over any handwritten notes you took at the forum.   Revise any sloppy notes to avoid confusion later on. You should also take a moment to include any points you may have forgotten to write down while they are still fresh in your mind.
  3. Visit Your Top Law Schools – You met the reps, you’ve read the viewbooks and you’ve been to their websites.  Now is the time to get out and visit all the law schools you plan on applying to, if you haven’t already.  Don't limit your visit to the formal tour and information session.  Read the notices posted on the bulletin boards. What are the upcoming events on campus?  Walk through the library and see how the students are studying.  There is no better way to determine if a law school is a good fit for you than to immerse yourself in the law school’s culture.

Finally, congratulate yourself! Navigating a law school forum is no easy feat. You’re well on your way to finding your best fit law school. 



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