I'm being asked to install Anti-Virus when I log on to the Wireless Network

In an effort to enhance security for you, the system will identify if Windows laptop users have an anti-virus program installed. For those who do not have an anti-virus program installed, a link will be provided for a free version of Microsoft’s Security Essentials for you to install prior to gaining access. Having anti-virus software is very important to help ensure you are protected against malicious programs.
Other free anti-virus programs that can be installed are listed below:

Comcast customers are offered a free anti-virus program as well: http://xfinity.comcast.net/constantguard/Products/CGPS/?cid=NET_33_600
If you have any questions or concerns or need assistance with installation, please see the Help Desk within the computer on the second floor of the library.

How do I log into SharePoint?

Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Users

Initially when going to SharePoint or MySite you will be prompted to enter your FCSL username and password. Your username must be in the cnumber@law.fcsl.edu format. If you don’t put the @law.fcsl.edu, or if you use your alias, you will not be able to login. The password is entered as usual.

Sharepoint login window

Google Chrome and Safari Users

The procedure to log into SharePoint with either Apple's Safari or Google Chrome is slightly different.  For your username, just the C-Number will suffice:

Important Links

Using the Student Video Room

Room 421 is available for recording interviewing & counseling assignments, practicing presentations and general speech rehearsal. The room features a video camera with direct to DVD recording. Instructions for using the equipment are posted in the room. The room may be reserved for use via the Room Reservation System and the door opened by Security in RM429. Please note that DVD-R media is required for recording. IMPORTANT: RM421 is a self-service room. Recordings are not backed up or archived by anyone other than you. Any recordings that you wish to keep need to be saved before you leave the room.

Do you offer any computer-related courses?

While we don't offer any official computer-related (i.e.: technically inclined) in our curriculum, we do have resources that Computer Services offers in optional courses over the course of a year.

Typically, we take a small group of interested students and teach them some basics about computer security and how to keep their computer running smoothly.

Recently, we held a small course on the subject of security, and we have three presentations from it:

Signing up for E2Campus is simple.  We have an all-in-one page that allows you to either login to your existing account, or sign up for a new one.

How do I sign up for E2Campus?

Please visit our sign up page for more information.

What are the recommendations for laptops at Coastal Law? Vendors

There are many vendor choices for purchasing a laptop, some of the common vendors are:

There also a number of 3rd party vendors who can offer educational discounts such as:


Dell offers special discounts on the Florida Coastal account page to students and faculty/staff with valid @law.fcsl.edu and @fcsl.edu e-mail addresses.  Just visit www.dell.com/floridacoastal!


Apple offers educational discounts to qualified persons and institutions.  To access Florida Coastal's educational page, visit the Apple Store, then click on the Educational Store link.  You can find Florida Coastal in the list by either entering 'Florida', or '32256' or just 'Florida Coastal Sch of Law'.

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon/Turion (or better) 2.4ghz
  • RAM: 2-4 Gigabytes of RAM (for Microsoft Windows 7)
  • Networking: Wireless A/B/G/N, G or N is strongly recommended.


Either the MacBook or MacBook Pro are more than adequate for use on the Coastal Law campus.

Note: To participate in ExamSoft exams, you will need MacOS 10.5.8 (or later - "Leopard" or "Snow Leopard") running on an Intel-powered Mac with at least 512mb of RAM and 50 mb of free disk space.


Microsoft Office (both Windows and Mac) is strongly recommended. The Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition is usually recommended.  We also have, available for checkout from the Library Reference desk, Corel WordPerfect Suite.  This is free from Coastal Law to our students and faculty.

Adobe products like Acrobat Professional and the Creative Suite are also available to students and faculty at a substantial discount from our e-store.

For Windows users, a good anti-virus package is recommended. There are many choices in this arena, here is a small sampling:

We do have a computer lab on campus that can be used for word processing and research with Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis.

Configuration instructions are available in the computer lab and we ask that configure your system the initial time.

To use Elluminate Live, you'll need to have Oracle's Java installed. Additionally, Quicktime Player is strongly recommended


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