Examsoft Website: https://www.examsoft.com/fcsl (requires Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
The Institutional ID is:  fcsl
For FCSL students, your ExamSoft ID is CXXXXXX (the first part of your email address). Your ExamSoft password is the last six digits of your Social Security number.
Note - if the last six digits begins with a zero, and you have problems logging in, substitute the leading zero with a one.

There are 2 Mock Exams posted to the Examsoft website (https://www.examsoft.com/fcsl) to allow you to practice using the software.
The Mock Exam Password is:  Mock123 (for both Mock Exams)

Problem Uploading Your Exam?  Try the Manual Upload at:  https://www.examsoft.com/dotnet/examtakers/manup.aspx 

Examsoft Taker Resources:

Before Exam Day

Contact Examsoft Support at 866.429.8889 or 954.429.8889.


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