ExamSoft is a program that allows students to type answers to exams. All students automatically have an ExamSoft account.

The Institutional ID is:  fcsl
Your ExamSoft ID is CXXXXXX (the first part of your email address).

Your ExamSoft password is the last six digits of your Social Security number. Note - if the last six digits begins with a zero, and you have problems logging in, substitute the leading zero with a one.

Mock Exam Password is:  Mock123

Examsoft Website: https://www.examsoft.com/fcsl (requires Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

Problem Uploading Your Exam?  Try the Manual Upload at:  https://www.examsoft.com/dotnet/examtakers/manup.aspx 

Examsoft Taker Resources:

How-To Videos

Examsoft Knowledge Base, FAQs, etc.

Examsoft Taker Tips

Contact Examsoft Support at 866.429.8889 or 954.429.8889.

Mac Requirements
Note that macOS 10.12 (Sierra) is only supported on SofTest Version 11.0.743.95011. OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8 support will be discontinued on 12/31/16.
PC Requirements


As you may have heard, both Apple and Microsoft are releasing major updates to their operating systems this fall. Apple is expected to release iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra later this month and Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is expected in October. At this time ExamSoft is actively testing beta versions of each of these operating systems. Based on current testing results, our goal is to formally support both new systems on Examplify within one month of public release.

Please note:

  • Until official support is announced, students on devices with High Sierra will be unable to install Examplify.
  • As a best practice, we recommend you refrain from updating devices to the new operating systems until after we have announced full compatibility.
  • At this time, ExamSoft does not have plans to support these new operating systems on the SofTest and SofTest-M applications.