Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


1.       Q:  Who do I contact with questions or concerns about TA/RA procedures? 

A:   Maureen Jordan (

2.       Q:  How many hours can students work for pay during each semester?

A:  TAs can work a maximum of 100 hours and RAs may work 150 hours.   

3.       Q:  Do RAs have to work 10 hours a week?

A:  An RA is limited by the ABA standard of “no more than 20 hours a week” and the maximum number of hours approved for the position.

4.       Q: Can I obtain a GPA waiver?

A: Because serving as a TA/RA is an honor, we ask that you do not send any requests for GPA waivers.  Students who do not have at least a 2.75 should focus on their own academic studies. 

5.       Q: Can a faculty member more than one RA?

A: You can have two students split the 150 hours of pay during the semester. 

6.       Q: Can a student earn Pro Bono hours for being a TA/RA?

A: No, students may not earn Pro Bono hours for serving as a TA/RA.

7.       Q: How many hours does a student need to complete to receive credit?

A: The student must work a minimum of 60 hours during the semester. Anything above that is at the professor’s and student’s discretion.

8.       Q: Can I request my TA/RA for another semester now?

A: No. Requests are completed each semester and you will receive an email alerting you that it is time to request your TA/RA for the upcoming semester.


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