In 2006, the student body and administration of FCSL recognized the need for a formal group of students to serve in a liaison role with the public. Due to this need, several students volunteered to serve as ambassadors for the school. These distinguished students possessed two main characteristics - excellent interpersonal communication skills and a passion to give back to their community through volunteer service. This student group quickly became a success. Our student ambassadors are committed to exhibiting the highest standards of professionalism and social responsibility. Their service includes assisting at official school events, providing guided school tours, and acting as a liaison to the public at large.

2018 - 2019 Executive Board

Director - Chloe Martinez
Vice Director - Blair Butler
Secretary - Elizabeth Villarreal
Special Events and Recruitment Chair - Paige Jedlicka, Kevin Stanley and Gabriela Ibanez-Alers
Professional Standards Committee - Guillermo Lopez Segarra and Toni Grier

Blair Butler
Chama Dalge
Toni Grier
Ciera Henderson
Gabriela Ibanez-Alers
Paige Jedlicka
Chloe Martinez
Gillermo Lopez Segarra
Kevin Stanley
Samantha Swain
Kyndra Todd
Elizabeth Villareal



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