In 2006, the student body and administration of FCSL recognized the need for a formal group of students to serve in a liaison role with the public. Due to this need, several students volunteered to serve as ambassadors for the school. These distinguished students possessed two main characteristics: excellent interpersonal communication skills and a passion to give back to their community through volunteer service. This student group quickly became a success. Our student ambassadors are committed to exhibiting the highest standards of professionalism and social responsibility. Their service includes assisting at official school events, providing guided school tours, and acting as a liaison to the public at large.
Law school students standing together in a group photo.

Student Ambassadors
2016 - 2017
2016 - 2017 E Board
Director- Shircola Powell
Assistant Director- Caitlin Russell
Tour Coordinator- Shonda White
Secretary- Donatellio Williams
2016 - 2017 Chair Positions
Orientation Chair- La'Carrian Smith
Graduation Chair- Jenekwa Harrison
Recruitment Chairs- JaDarius Eason & Neileen Shoemaker
New Ambassadors
Donatellio Williams
Vivian Gonzalez
Stephanie Bates
Willishia Plant
Tracie Reese
Sonia Johnson
Sarah Planchart
Neileen Shoemaker
Meghan McComas
Lionel Nicolas
La’Carrian Smith
Kimano Edwards
Keir Edwards
Kentayvia Coates
Judith Belorme
Jhontas Porcides
Jenekwa Harrison
JaDarius Eason
Dillon Hanson
Daniela Carcamo
Brooke Belling
Annika Lingonblad
Returning Ambassadors
Shircola Powell
Caitlin Russell
Shonda White
Adam Clark
Russell Rymer
Melissa Alzate
Farhana Panjwani
Marianna Schlag
Zachary Register 

“Florida Coastal Student Ambassadors embody leadership, character, and a commitment to professional service.  Each year, their spirit and dedication positively impacts every department and countless visitors to our campus.  To many people, the first impression of our school involves the words and actions of a Student Ambassador.  Many significant events, on and off campus, are facilitated through their leadership and effective teamwork.  I am truly grateful for the dedication, passion, and professional service of our current and past Student Ambassadors.”
Lauren M. Levine
Interim Assistant Dean of Student Affairs