Student Academic Honor Code

Students at Coastal Law must exhibit high standards of academic and professional responsibility in order to enter the legal profession. The principles of honesty and personal responsibility are essential for the proper practice of law. The law school believes that those who intend to enter this profession cannot wait for graduation but must now begin to live by these principles.

2018 Coastal Law Academic Honor Code

Student Code of Conduct

Coastal Law is committed to maintaining an academic environment that is guided by our core values of ethics, professionalism, integrity, civility, and mutual respect. The school has adopted a Student Code of Conduct to ensure that students and their organizations conduct themselves in accordance with these values. The intention of the Student Code of Conduct is to create a set of expectations, to ensure a fair process for determining responsibility when student behavior may have deviated from those expectations, and to provide a means of applying appropriate sanctions  when the Code has been violated. The Student Code of Conduct is complementary to the current Academic Honor Code.

2018 Coastal Law Student Code of Conduct


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