What is Mock Trial?

The Coastal Law Mock Trial Team consists of an elite group of law students trained in the art of trial-level litigation. Each year, Team members represent Coastal Law in competitions with students from law schools across the Nation. At these competitions, Team members present cases before judge and jury.  Cases encompass a wide range of topics in both the civil and criminal arena.  Case topics have included insurance fraud, homicide, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and wrongful death.

Many students compete for acceptance onto the Team, but only the outstanding advocates are selected.  An invitation to join the Team is based on an evaluation of the student’s ability and talent, and is extended on behalf of the sitting Executive Board and Team Faculty Advisor. 

New members enter a rigorous training program designed to teach proper courtroom demeanor, hone their presentation abilities, and sharpen their legal reasoning skills. The process includes seminars, practice trials, and an intramural competition.