Spring 2014 Try-Outs

The Spring Try-Outs are open to all 1Ls.  In order to try-out, interested students must attend ONE of the FOUR Informational Sessions.


Try-outs will be split into two rounds. The first round will consist of giving an opening statement and conducting a direct examination of a witness. Only the top advocates from the first round will be invited to compete in the second round of try-outs. The second round will require the advocate to give a closing argument and conduct a cross-examination of a witness. Both of these rounds are very competitive and will require a good amount of preparation. The number of advocates that the team will invite to join Mock Trial will depend on numerous factors and is up to the discretion of the Faculty Advisor.

Mock Trial Workshops for Try-outs

  • Workshop #1 Feb. 25 at 12 p.m. in Rm 420
  • Workshop #2 Feb. 27 at 12:30 p.m. in Rm 465
  • Workshop #3 TBA
  • Workshop #4 Final Q&A TBA

Round 1

  • March 6 Rm 450
  • March 7 Rm 450
  • March 8 Rm 450
  • March 9 Rm 450

Mock Trial Second Round Workshops for Try-outs

  • Workshop #1 TBA
  • Workshop #2 TBA
  • Workshop #3 TBA

Round 2

  • March 28 Rm 450
  • March 29 Rm 450

If you have any questions regarding try-outs please email our: Mock Trial Faculty Advisor Annette Ritter: aritter@fcsl.edu