The IC is an integral part to inducting new members of the Mock Trial Team.  It gives new members the opportunity to not only meet and work with experienced members on an individual basis but also gives new members practical experience with what the Mock Trial Team does during competitions.  The IC helps to prepare the new members for the excitement and challenge external competitions will provide for members of the Mock Trial Team.

New members will be organized into teams of four.  Two members will be selected to be the Prosecution/Plaintiff and two will be selected to be on the Defense.  Using a fact pattern the teams will work closely with experienced members of the mock trial team to create and practice the essential elements of trial: openings, closings, direct and cross examinations, admitting evidence, and using demonstrative aides.  The culmination of the hard work and practice of new members takes place in the form of a tournament where teams will compete with other teams in front of judge and jury.  The IC takes place in the early part of the Fall Semester before any external competitions take place.



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