Teaching Assistants may accept a position for credit. A student may earn only one TA/RA credit per semester.

A student may not earn more than 12 non-course credits while in law school (includes TA, RA, Clinics, Internships, Law Review, Moot Court and Mock Trial credits). Non-course credits consist of live-client clinics, externships, judicial internships, classroom components of all clinics, etc.

The addition of a credit hour to the student’s schedule may affect the student’s tuition based upon his/her status as a part-time (9-12 hours) or full-time student (13-16 hours).

Credit Position Guidelines

The student must work at least 60 hours during the semester.
The student must submit timesheets to the Professor to ensure the minimum hour requirement is met.
The predominant function of a RA who receives credit must be scholarly research.
The Professor will submit a Pass/Fail grade to the Registrar at the end of the semester.

Copying Privileges
Copy and/or printing privileges for TAs and RAs are available in the Law Library. A student may utilize the “instructor card” to make copies for TA or RA duties. In addition, the IT Department has made available a printer for TAs and RAs (located near the circulation desk).

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