International Students

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Florida Coastal School of Law has always hosted a vibrant and diverse international community with students attending from countries such as Canada, Columbia, Brazil, Jamaica, Japan, South Korea, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Germany, Georgia and many more.

Law School Application Procedure for International and Foreign-Educated Students

The application procedure for international and foreign-educated students is similar to that of domestic students except for two key differences – students may need to take extra steps to submit their foreign transcripts and students may need a TOEFL score.
Application Procedure
Register with the Law School Admission Council for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) at  The LSAT score may be no more than five years old.

All international applicants whose native language is not English and who have not completed an undergraduate degree at an English-speaking institution must submit a TOEFL test score of no less than 600 on the paper-based test, at least 250 on the computer-based test or at least 100 on the Internet-based test. TOEFL scores are valid for three years. The applicant must contact the Educational Testing Service to request delivery of their TOEFL scores to LSAC. (LSAC’s TOEFL code for the Credential Assembly Service is 0058.) Your score will be included in the foreign credential evaluation document and included in your LSAC Credential Assembly Service Law School Report.  For TOEFL information, visit

Submit all college and university transcripts directly to CAS.  CAS completes the evaluation of all post-secondary education completed outside the United States (including its territories).  The assessment of Canadian transcripts is completed through this service.  Foreign coursework through study abroad, consortium or exchange programs sponsored by US or Canadian institutions are exempt from this requirement provided that the work is clearly indicated on the home campus transcript. The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers will complete a foreign credential evaluation, which will be incorporated into your CAS report.  Questions about the CAS should be directed to LSAC at 215.968.1001, or

Submit two letters of recommendation to CAS.

Apply online at  A complete application consists of undergraduate and graduate transcripts, two letters of recommendation, personal statement, resume, LSAT score and, if applicable, a TOEFL score.

Apply Now

Coastal Law typically begins to review applications in the year preceding the term for which enrollment is sought. Applicants are encouraged to submit and complete their applications as early as possible. A student who has been accepted for admission into one of our entering classes, but does not enroll in that class, must reapply for any later class. The student will be considered for admission under the standards in effect for that later class.
General Academic Requirements

Law school applicants generally must have completed all the requirements for the four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Coastal Law has no predetermined LSAT scored required, but the median LSAT for the Fall 2018 class was 150.
Documents Needed to Matriculate upon Acceptance

Coastal Law requires a passport, a letter of financial responsibility, and full payment of the first-semester tuition costs. Information about the F1-Student visa can be found on our International Students F1 Visa page.

We invite you to discover the Coastal Law difference by checking out our unique certificates programs, course concentrations, experiential learning opportunities, and student organizations.