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Florida Coastal School of Law (Coastal Law) has a unique skills based program that is student-centered. Its programs are designed to advance students’ success in law school, on the bar exam, and in their careers. The school’s curriculum focuses on experiential education: the hands-on learning needed to equip graduates with the leadership, management, and interpersonal skills that are necessary for career success.

In Fall 2013, Florida Coastal School of Law launched a new curriculum that includes elements that reflect best practices in legal education and provide for enhanced preparation for the practice of law from the first day of class through graduation. The curriculum, which we call JD Plus, allows students to customize their legal education based on individual interests and aptitudes. Additionally, it ensures each student receives not just the foundations of legal doctrine, but threaded through each year are opportunities for experiential learning, relationship building exercises, and business development.

At the cornerstone of the new curriculum is the infusion of practical skills development in all three years of law school, which can prove highly effective in preparing students for the demands of the profession. Coastal Law students are assured to have opportunities for experiential learning while working collaboratively on group projects, writing exercises, and other simulations.

Additionally, our curriculum will expose students to both the transactional and litigation sides of the law and allow them to confidently pursue careers that align with their specific interests, strengths and goals.

Coastal Law students will learn by “doing” and, at graduation, be better positioned and more prepared to enter the legal profession with a comprehensive portfolio of work that will include contracts, trial and appellate documents and more.

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