Professor Lucille Ponte presented, A Glass Half Full? Enduring Small Business Frustrations under the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016, at the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association’s Annual Conference at Babson College School of Business on April 1, 2017 in Wellesley, MA. The new federal law voids most speech suppression clauses in merchant-consumer agreements that are aimed at preventing consumers from posting negative comments on social media about products and services. However, Prof. Ponte asserts that the Act does little to help small businesses who may be victims of bogus or false reviews from unscrupulous competitors and dishonest consumers; outside of problematic and expensive defamation lawsuits. She proposes that operators of crowd-sourced review sites take steps to more effectively monitor and enforce their terms of use, including using technological filtering programs, expelling users who frequently post false claims, providing dispute resolution services to mediate conflicts over challenged postings, and adopting and educating consumers and businesses about content integrity policies. Aside for her presentation, she also participated in the organization’s executive board meeting and editorial board meeting for its BUSINESS LAW REVIEW at Boston College School of Business in Chestnut Hill, MA on March 31, 2017.



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