The CPD partners with each student in their professional transformation into the legal industry. The office offers multiple services to allow students to learn about the various career options, develop professional skills, and acquire the experience needed to best position themselves for employment post-graduation.


Symplicity is the CPD’s online career center. Through Symplicity, you can search and apply for jobs (including externships), access password-protected resources in the Document Library, sign up for CPD programs and events, apply for on-campus interviews, and research career fairs.  Our 1Ls are provided with access to Symplicity after the drop/add period ends their first semester.  For trouble accessing Symplicity, please see our help manual.

Pro Bono information and opportunities can also be found on Symplicity.  Pro Bono and volunteer hours can be completed and tracked throughout law school using Symplicity.

Job Postings

The CPD maintains current job postings for summer, academic-year, and post-graduate employment opportunities on Symplicity.  Additionally, we share post-graduate employment opportunities with over 100 other law schools through the Intercollegiate Job Bank.  You may access this site using the log in information on the homepage of Symplicity.

Individual Career Counseling

The CPD provides personal career counseling to prepare students and alumni for the job market and to help them develop a career focus.  We strongly encourage you to make an individual appointment via (904) 256-1105 to help you determine your career interests, map out job search strategies, practice interviewing techniques, and further develop the professional skills you need in the legal community.

On-Campus Interview (OCI) & Resume Collection Programs

We offer OCI year-round to accommodate the diverse hiring needs of the many different types of legal employers - from large firms and solo practitioners to public defenders’ offices and various branches of the JAG program.  Employers across the nation are invited to come on campus and interview students.  Employers participating in our OCI and Resume Collection programs will be posted on Symplicity.

Although all employers are invited to interview on-campus at any time of the year, smaller employers typically choose to post job openings on Symplicity and conduct the interviews in their own offices.  Some employers ask the CPD to collect and forward resumes to them, while others prefer that students send their resumes directly.

Alumni Connections

Speaking with alumni offers students a fantastic opportunity to connect with graduates who practice in the geographic areas in which they are interested.  Many graduates of Coastal Law are happy to speak with current students about their career paths.  After you have met with a CPD Advisor, our Alumni Office will work directly with you to facilitate connections with the vast network of Coastal Law alumni located throughout the country.

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