The more appropriate question is: what do you want to do with your JD? Your choices are truly as vast as your imagination can make them, and our entire office looks forward to helping you develop a career focus. Listed below are just a few of the directions in which your JD may lead you.

Private Practice - working as a litigator (e.g. civil litigation, family law, criminal defense) or a transactional attorney (e.g. real estate, business transactions, estate planning) in a small, medium or large law firm

Government - working as a prosecutor or as an attorney for a government agency or a branch of the military JAG program

Public Interest - working as a public defender or as an attorney for legal aid/legal services, a civil rights organization, or with an organization supporting a specific cause (e.g. children’s issues, environmental issues, mental health issues)

Judicial Clerkship - working for a Judge or as a staff attorney for a specific court

Corporate/In-house - working as an attorney within some form of business entity

Alternative Careers - working for a real estate developer, a non-profit organization, a legal publisher, higher education, a human resources department, a trade or professional association, a political or lobbying group, or serving as a business consultant or risk manager, just to name a few!