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Faculty Highlights June/July/August 2010

  • Professor Elizabeth DeCoux
Professor Elizabeth L. DeCoux’s essay, Human Law, as Seen Through the Lens of Animal Suffering,appears in the proceedings of the First International Conference on Animal Law, edited by Martine LaChance and entitled “The Animal, Within the Sphere of Humans’ Needs.” Published by Editions Yvon Blais in English and French, the proceedings are available in the United States through Thomson-Reuters.

Access to Coastal Law parking garage

There are two ways into the Coastal Law parking garage and it appears the overwhelming majority of drivers are using only the entrance from the south. We have created a simple map for students to understand the different routes that can be used to access the entrance from the north. Please familiarize yourself with these options -- it will go a long way to alleviating some of the traffic congestion that occurs each day.
Please click here to view the map and directions. Thank you.