Meet Coastal Law Alum Stephanie Burch

Stephanie Burch grew up in Ohio and graduated with a B.S. in Fisheries & Wildlife from Michigan State University.  After graduation, she moved to Orlando, Florida, where she completed an internship doing dolphin research and then began teaching 6th grade science in Kissimmee.
While teaching school, Stephanie learned from a friend who was in law school about the versatility of a law degree and how it can be used for career purposes.  With the understanding of the career flexibility offered by a law degree, she made the decision to attend law school, applied to a couple of schools, and chose to attend Florida Coastal School of Law.
During her legal education at Coastal Law and for several years thereafter, she worked at a small real estate firm until 2010 when she joined the Florida Department of Transportation in Tallahassee.  With the economic downturn in 2010, her role in the General Counsel’s office for 5 years at FDOT provided a stable job where she developed her love for public service and established the foundation for her future career.
“I learned so much while I was there, that experience was invaluable in my learning how to work and communicate with various types of professionals,” recalls Stephanie.
Both Stephanie and her husband love the beach and they were delighted to return to the beautiful beaches of Jacksonville in 2015. She  began her work with  the City of Jacksonville in March, 2016 and was recently featured in Attorney At Law Magazine:
A Lawyer in Public Service
Reflecting on her legal education at Coastal Law, Stephanie says, “As a student and an adjunct, my education and experiences at FCSL have been instrumental in my career development.  Two of the most important lessons I learned in law school were 1) question everything and 2) respect the bench.” 
In her personal life, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and, of course, going to the beach!
In 2014, she was awarded FDOT’s Finance and Administration “Exceptional Contribution” award and hopes to continue to serve the citizens of Jacksonville in whatever capacity that she can.

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