Faculty Areas of Expertise
Clement, Kirsten Legal Research; Writing; Citation
Coll, Melissa Misdemeanor, felony, special assault, homicide, child molestation, sexual assault, felony domestic battery, child abuse, and child neglect cases; real estate, guardianship, and probate law; legal research; legal writing; citation; criminal law; legal methods; forensic evidence; criminal procedure; Georgia law
Curran, Ericka Immigrant victims of violent crime; immigrant and human rights; international human rights;refugee immigration; domestic violence; legal advocacy for immigrant women; international human rights; human trafficking and asylum; immigration law for transportation professionals
Erickson, Kim Commercial litigation; corporate law (State Farm); legal research and writing; evidence; transitional skills for law school success; student counseling; learning theory and instructional design; writing for law practice
Giannini, Mary Margaret Victims Rights; Constitutional Law; Civil Rights Ligitation; Federal Courts; American legal process; race and the law; judicial writing; federal courts; administrative law
Groves, Roger Business Associations; International Business Transactions; Mergers and Acquisitions; Securities Regulation; State and Local Taxation; Transportation Professionals International Business Transactions; Negotiable Instruments; Zoning and Land Use; Law and Popular Culture; Global Initiatives and Economic Development of the Caribbean; Environmental - Green Cities; Federal Taxation; Bankruptcy
Hartland, Kathy Insurance Corporate Counsel (Allstate); Transactional Drafting; Florida Business Entities; Entrpreneurial Law; Legal Editing; Insurance Law; Contracts; Legal Writing; Fluent in French; contracts
Hopkins, Quince Family Law; Gender, Sexuality and the Law; Domestic Violence; Adoption Law; International and Comparative Family Law; Family Law Mediation; Ethics and Professionalism in Family Law; Torts; trusts and estates
Hull, Eric Environment, Energy and Resources; Marine Resources; Administrative Law; Property Law; Zoning and Land Use; ocean and coastal law; admiralty and maritime law; American legal process; statutory interpretation
Ioannides, Margaret U.S. Immigration Law; U.S. DOJ; Family-based and Employment-based Immigration; Business Immigration Cases; Lawyering Process; Legal Research and Writing Immigration Law
Kolenc, Tony Constitutional Law; Freedom of Religion; Evidence; Appellate Advocacy; Military Law; Homeschool Education; Criminal Law; Federal Courts
McLaughlin, Julia Family law; juvenile justice; children and the law; property
Millard, Karen Insurance Law; Bad Faith Insurance Litigation; Legal Writing; Contracts; Ethics; Interviewing and Counseling; Pre-trial Litigation Drafting; Professional Responsibility
Nichols, Caroline Real Estate Development; Real Estate Finance; Land Use Commercial Property; Homeowners Association Condminiums; residential real estate transactions
Pingree, Greg Torts; Professional Responsibility; Law and Religion; Sexual Identity Orientation and the Law; Jurisprudence and Legal Theory; Judicial Process; Law and Literature; Law and Popular Culture
Ponte, Lucille Cyberlaw; Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property Licensing; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Online Dispute Resolution; Contracts; Business Law
Priester, B.J. Sentencing; Antiterrorism Enforcement; Constitutional Criminal Procedure; National Security Law; White Collar Crime; Federal Criminal Law; Criminal Law
Ragan, Alan Taxation; Trusts and Estates; Torts; Contracts; Litigation; Appellate Practice; Federal Income Tax; Taxation of Nonprofit Entities; State and Local Taxation; Federal Income Tax
Reid, Amanda Civil procedure; Intellectual Property; Property; Trusts and Estates; Media Law; Legal Research; Legal Analysis and Writing
Ritter, Annette Medical Malpractice; Nursing Home Litigation; Litigation; Trial Practice; Pretrial Litigation Preparation; Personal Injury; Legal Writing; Bar Courses; Taking and Defending Depositions; Professional Responsibility; Trial Practice Lecture; Florida Distinctions; Taking and Defending Effective Depositions
Roederer, Chris Constitutional Law; Comparative Law; International Law; Law of Delict and Torts; Remedies; Jurisprudence; Constitutional Law; Torts; Caribbean Law; LL.M. Constitutional Law
Scaldo, Stacy Torts; Remedies; Professional Responsibility; Judicial Writing; Interviewing and Counseling; Public Speaking for Lawyers; Legal Editing; Lawyering Process; Pretrial Litigation Drafting; Advanced Legal Writing; Dispute Resolution; Remedies
Scales, Leigh MPRE Preparation; Bar Preparation; Professional Responsibility; Florida Law Survey; National Law Survey; Lawyering Process; Legal Analysis, Research, Writing and Drafting; Pretrial and Appellate Drafting; Oral Arguments; Lawyer Ethics; Family Law; Litigation; Civil Procedure; Torts; Evidence
Shannon, Brad Civil Procedure; Legal Process; Federal Courts and Litigation; Judicial and Legislatie Process; Complex Commercial Litigation; Conflict of Laws; Pretrial Litigation Drafting; Accounting for Lawyers; American Legal Process
Tuttle, Natalie Legal Research and Writing; Family Law; Appellate Practice; Judicial Writing; Persuasive Legal Writing; Civil Procedure; Civil Motion Practice; Family Law; Florida Divorce Practice & Procedure; Family Law Mediation; Appellate Practitioner's Clinic; Family Law Clinic
Williams, Alan Evidence; Torts; Law & Medicine; Health Law; Medical Malpractice Law; Products Liability; Bioethics and Public Health; Insurance Law; Genetics and the Law; Torts