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Environmental SP

Library of Congress Subject Headings:

  • Environmental Law United States
  • Environmental Law International


(Additional titles can be located using the Online Catalog and the LC subject headings)

  • The Environment A to Z . David Hosansky.
    GE10 .H67 2001
    General Collection
  • Environmental Law . William H. Rodgers, Jr. (Hornbook Series).
    KF3775 .R59 1994
    Permanent Reserves & General Collection
  • Environmental Law: From Resources to Recovery . Celia Campbell-Mohn (Hornbook Serices).
    KF5505 .E59 1993
    Permanent Reserve & General Collection
  • Environmental Law in a Nutshell . Roger W. Findley & Daniel A. Farber.
    KF3775 .Z9 F56 2000
    Permanent Reserves
  • Environment Reporter . BNA.
    KF3775 .A6 E5
    General Collection
  • International Environmental Law and Regulations . Dennis Campbell & Marilise Swart.
    K3585.4 .I5733 1996
    Foreign & International Collection
  • Treatise on Environmental Law . Frank P. Grad.
    KF3775 .G7
    General Collection
  • Treatise on Florida Environmental & Land Use Law . Florida Bar.
    KFF354 .T74
    Regional Collection


(Additional titles can be located in Legal Trac, Hein Online, WestLaw & Lexis)

Internet Resources:

Selected Westlaw Databases:

  • Federal Environmental Law - Combines Materials FENV-ALL
  • Cases ENV-CS-ALL
  • Code and Regulations FENV-CODREG
  • EPA Decisions FENV-EPA
  • Environmental Law–Law Reviews, Texts, & Bar Journals ENV-TP
  • Environmental News ENVNEWS

Selected LexisNexis Databases:

  • Environmental Federal Cases ENVIRN;CASES
  • Federal Regulations ENVIRN;ALLREG
  • Agency Decisions ENVIRN;AGENCY
  • Environmental Law Reporter ENVIRN;ALLELR
  • Environmental Newsletters ENVIRN;ENVRN
  • Environmental News ENVIRN;CURNWS

Matthew Bender - Authority on Demand - Environmental Law Library:

Matthew Bender may also be accessed under “Research Resources” on the Library Homepage

  • Brownfields Law and Practice
  • Environmental Law In Real Estate & Business Transactions
  • Environmental Law Practice Guide
  • Guide to Toxic Torts
  • Insurance Coverage For Environmental Claims
  • The Law of Hazardous Waste: Management, Cleanup, Liability, and Litigation
  • Treatise On Environmental Law