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Bluebook Abbreviations

Uniform System of Citation

  • A., A. 2d Atlantic Reporter, Atlantic Reporter, Second Series
  • A.L.R. American Law Reports
  • A.L.R Fed. American Law Reports, Federal
  • Am. Jur. American Jurisprudence (encyclopedia)
  • B.R. West's Bankruptcy Reporter
  • C.J.S. Corpus Juris Secundum (encyclopedia)
  • F., F. 2d, F. 3d Federal Reporter, Federal Reporter, Second Series,
  • Federal Reporter, Third Series
  • Fla. Jur. 2d Florida Jurisprudence, Second Series (encyclopedia)
  • Fla. Stat. Florida Statutes
  • Fla. Stat. Ann. Florida Statutes Annotated
  • F. Supp. Federal Supplement
  • F.R.D. Federal Rules Decisions
  • L. Ed., L. Ed. 2d United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition,
  • United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition, Second
  • N.E., N.E. 2 d North Eastern Reporter , North Eastern Reporter, Second Series
  • N.W., N.W. 2d North Western Reporter, North Western Reporter, Second Series
  • P., P.2d Pacific Reporter, Pacific Reporter, Second Series
  • S. Ct. Supreme Court Reporter
  • S.E., S.E. 2d South Eastern Reporter, South Eastern Reporter, Second Series
  • S.W., S.W. 2d South Western Reporter, South Western Reporter, Second Series
  • So., So. 2d Southern Reporter, Southern Reporter, Second Series
  • Stat. Statutes at Large
  • U.S. United States Reports
  • U.S.C. United States Code