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Things to Know

Introducing Coastal SYNC (Services You Need Center)

This unified service desk replaces the previous help desk and circulation desk. If you have a question or are in need of a service, either IT or library related, please contact us!

Some advantages of SYNC:

  • Longer hours for IT service. If the Library is open, so are we.
  • One place for all your circulation desk/IT/help desk needs
  • Easier to find and visit


Your Library presents... Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is a subscription-based service for online legal research similar to LexisNexis and Westlaw. It is now available to Faculty, Teaching Staff, and Students at Coastal Law. Directions on how to set up an account with Bloomberg Law are here.

Practice Questions on CALI 

CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) is a non-profit consortium of law schools that researches and develops computer-mediated legal instruction. There are nearly 1,000 lessons available in over 40 legal topics. The lessons are available on their website. The School Authorization Code you will need to create a CALI account is located on SharePoint.

Help with ALWR 

The Library has created some helpful guides for those of you writing your ALWR. You may click on the following links, or go to our Research Guides page.

How to Create a Table of Authorities
How to Create a Table of Contents
How to Create Footnotes
How to Insert Small Caps
ALWR - Sources for Assistance

Also, please see our Research Guides on ALWR - How to Find a Topic and ALWR - How to Start Your Research.

Finding Study Aids - New Guides to Study Aids Available!

Looking for a Study Aid? Try searching through Encore, the library's catalog. Simply type "study aids" (include the quotation marks!) in the search box. This will display all the materials that have "study aid" in the subject or title. You can then use the left column to limit your search to certain subjects. Or, you can be more specific in your original search, eg., "study aids" contracts.

Use our new Guides to Study Aids to determine which study aid is the right one for you. The guides indicate what is available for each topic, such as contracts or evidence. 1L students, use the Guide for 1L classes here. The Guide for 2L and 3L classes is here. The Guides also indicate what kind of help each study aid offers - whether they contain practice exam questions, charts, topic summaries, etc. If you have questions, ask at the Reference Desk.

Online Sign-up for Library Workshops and Trainings

In response to student demand, we are now using online sign-up for workshops and trainings. Click the "Online Sign-up for Workshops and Trainings" link to find the Workshop and Training Schedules, and the links to sign up. Create a Coastal Connect account and sign up from home, or anywhere you have an internet connection.

The LTC Has Remodeled for You

The Library and Technology Center has remodeled to help us serve you better. We have listened to students who want more study space, less noise, and more conveniently located vending machines for the Library. Our new first floor has added 10 study rooms and 52 study carrels to what was already available. Our new Library entrance has added a separate room for copying and printing, as well as new vending machines. We have installed glass walls to cut down on noise. A map of our 1st floor remodel is here (New 1st Floor LTC Map). A map of our 3rd floor remodel is here (New 3rd Floor LTC Map). Let us know what you think!

 Reference Desk Mission


Knowledge Bar Reference Service

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 11:30am-1:30pm at the 4th floor Knowledge Bar.

In Person Workshops 

The Library staff will provide instructional research workshops throughout the semester. Generally lasting 30-50 minutes, these sessions cover a number of topics. The schedule is posted at the Reference Desk. There is a sign-up notebook at the Reference Desk. Space is limited for most sessions. Prior sign-up is highly recommended.

Bulletin Board and Fliers

Please do not place flyers around the library. There is a bulletin board available for students to post flyers located towards the front of the library, just beyond the public computer terminals. Any flyers placed around the library unsolicited will be removed immediately.

Research Workshop Webcasts

Our Reference Librarians have created Research Workshop webcasts to assist you with your electronic legal research. Each webcast has a form to complete and turn into any professor requesting that you watch them. If you have trouble printing the form, we have extras at the Reference Desk.

Some webcasts are in PowerPoint. You must run the slideshow to hear the audio. We created other webcasts using a program called Camtasia. If you do not see video with these, please download the software indicated on the bottom of the screen. Why did we use different programs? So we could use the one you all like the best in the future. So let us know whether you preferred the PowerPoint webcasts or the other webcasts. You can use our Ask A Librarian email form, or stop by the Reference Desk and tell us.

Library Privacy Policy

The Library supports the right to privacy of our users. The Library is intended to be a secure and safe place to study and freely exchange ideas. Therefore the library staff is unable to disclose the location of any patron unless that patron has authorized the staff in writing to do so. It is also not within the duties of the staff to track down patrons of the library for another person. There is a notebook available at the Circulation Desk that allows patrons to leave messages to one another regarding their location. The Library will not disclose material that a person has borrowed. Nor will the library disclose the person who has borrowed certain material.

Hotline Help

There a hotline phone on the 1st floor of the Library. It is located by the copier. Simply pick up the receiver and push the button next to the displayed word "Hotline." The phone will automatically call the Reference Desk. Please use a quiet voice and let us know that you are calling from the 1st floor (the quiet zone). Please use the hotline when you need directional assistance, help using a resource, and even if you have a problem with the atmosphere on the 1st floor. Please note the Reference Desk hours

View Your Library Record

Graduating seniors should check their library records to make certain they have returned all library materials and settled any library fines. To view your library record, click on the My Library Record link in the Library Catalog. Enter your name and the bar code number from your student ID, and click submit. This will take you to a screen that will list any fines and library materials currently checked out to you.