Scholarships and Program Awards

The Martha Sonnenschein Scholarship

The Martha Sonnenschein Scholarship was created to reward outstanding leadership in law school in addition to classroom performance. Leadership may be demonstrated through activities and contributions to student organizations, pro bono achievement, academic teams (moot court and mock trial achievement), and publication.

Mr. Irving Sonnenschein, an attorney living in Manhattan, put seed money toward the school when it was first established and has stayed in touch with its leadership over the years. In memory of his wife, Martha, Sonnenschein , he made a $250,000 endowed scholarship gift to the school that will generate scholarships for students for years to come. In appreciation of his gift the appellate courtroom has been renamed in his honor and in memory of his wife, Martha.

This is an annual $5000 scholarship ($2,500 per semester ) and we encourage all eligible students to apply. The deadline for the application is April 6, 2016.

SBA Student Leadership Award       

Awarded for outstanding law school leadership in addition to community service. This $2000 award is dedicated to defraying costs relating to the Bar Prep Course or Post-Graduate expenses. 

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Florida Chapter Endowed Scholarship Fund

Awarded to outstanding students engaged in the study of Family Law, this is a $1,000 annual scholarship. 

Dan Bradley Scholarship

Funded by the Florida Lawyers Legal Insurance Corporation, this is a $2,500 annual scholarship awarded on the basis of merit and financial need. 

Jaguar Citizenship Day Program Award

$3,050 raised and donated to the April 2016 event.

Dr. Chester A. Aikens Memorial Scholarship

This annual scholarship is awarded to a student whose legal studies are in addition to an already accomplished and multifaceted career. This student will have demonstrated an enthusiasm for continued intellectual achievement over a diverse career path.

Christian Winicki Memorial Scholarship

The Christain Winicki '06 Memorial Scholarship was created in loving memory of Christian Winicki to support Florida Coastal law students in their second or third year with preferences to military/veteran students or to those with a demonstrated background or interest in athletic endeavors.