CPE: National Lawyers Guild: "Do You Know Your Rights?"

Yates YMCA, 221 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. Pro bono hours and 1 CPE. Do You Know Your Rights? 1. Your right to be free from illegal search and seizure? 2. Your right to due process? 3) Your rights in a DUI stop? 4) Your rights if ever faced with the death penalty? If the answer is NO, this is for you.

The NLG is dedicated to protecting citizens’ constitutional rights and freedom from police oppression and abuse. Unknowing people have their rights violated everyday and until you know what those rights are you can’t protect them! This event will allow you to hear from practicing attorneys and law professors from the Jacksonville area on what you DO have a right to and how to protect them. Each issue will be addressed for 30-45 minutes followed by a brief Q&A with the speakers.  This event is free and open to the community. Please join us to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!