Law Review

The Florida Coastal Law Review is a legal journal, comprised of Second and Third Year law students, published two times a year.

The students solicit and edit articles written by legal scholars and practitioners across the world.

Florida Coastal Law Review’s mission is to publish a forward-thinking, reliable journal which influences and engages the legal community, not only in Jacksonville, but across the nation. This goal ignites our members to make doctrinal, professional and personal strides every day in hopes of preparing ourselves to serve the community, after graduation, to the best of our abilities.  For more information on Law Review and how to join please click on this FAQ and to view the bylaws please click on Law Review Bylaws.  If you have questions please contact Mathew Rhodes, Editor-in-Chief or send questions to

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2019-20 Board Members

Editor-in-Chief – Micah E. Nihart
Managing Editor – Lyudmyla Kolyesnik
Executive Editor – Heather Gargano
Research and Writing Editors – Morgan Peacock
Production Editor – Kathleen Jacobs

Staff Editors

Emily Morton
Sara Murrey
Annalise Strange


Emily Morton

Faculty Mentor

Benjamin J. Priester

Our mailing address is:

Florida Coastal School of Law
Law Review Office
8787 Baypine Road
Jacksonville, Florida  32256