In order to be accepted into any clinical program, a student must be in good standing and have successfully completed all first year required courses. Most of the placements have additional course and/or credit hour pre-requisites. For most of the in house clinics and any externship that involves certification by the Florida Supreme Court as a CLI, a student must have completed at least 48 credit hours, Evidence and Professional Responsibility. Further, for certification purposes, you must have applied to the Florida Bar and received a background clearance letter.  Some of the externships and many of the judicial internships have a minimum GPA requirement. 

In addition, in order to be placed in a clinical program or externship, students should attend one of the informational meetings that are held during both the spring and fall semester. 

Questions about course pre-requisites or the GPA requirement for a specific placement can be directed to the supervising clinical professor and are also discussed at our informational meetings. 

All of the in house clinics and most of the externships  are available every semester, including the summer. 

Priority for placement in all of the in house clinics and externships is given to students in their final semester or year who have not previously enrolled in a clinical program or externship.

Keep in mind that students are limited to 12 credit hours from clinics and externships combined.

Students interested in an in house clinic or  externship must submit the application on Symplicity prior to the deadline for the desired semester.  Dates are advertised via Symplicity and by e-mail.

A current resume, unofficial transcript, and, if applicable, CLI application, must accompany all applications. Some placements also require a writing sample. 

On the application form, students should express their preferences for placements. You cannot be placed in more than one clinic, more than one externship, or in a clinic and an externship in the same semester.

While placements are finalized gradually, most students  will be notified of their placements approximately 2 months prior to the participating semester. Because placements are not guaranteed and the deadline for registration for classes will, in most cases, precede notification , students should register for the classes that would be taken should a placement not be obtained. You should avoid conflicts with classroom components of desired in house clinics and meeting times for externships.