Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) is offering prospective students the unique opportunity to receive LSAT preparations through its Coastal Law Channel Program. Students who qualify for, and successfully complete this Program, are guaranteed admission into the next incoming class of 2018. For those students who enroll at FCSL, a one-time scholarship will be awarded equal to the Program’s cost ($995.00).

This intensive online program is designed to prepare students for the June 2018 LSAT exam administered on Monday, June 11, 2018. The program consists of 60 hours of on-demand LSAT preparation, 12 hours of on-demand Legal Writing instruction taught by attorneys at FCSL, and access to our video library housing an additional 50 hours of LSAT videos.

Successful Completion Required Steps:
•    Apply to, and be accepted into the FCSL Channel to Admissions program; and
•    Complete the on-demand Focus Approach LSAT and Legal Writing Programs; and
•    Report an LSAT score of 147 or higher; are guaranteed admission to FCSL; and
•    Those who enroll at FCSL will receive a one-time scholarship equal to the price of the on-demand Channel program ($995.00).

LSAT Class Term:  
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 (content available through June 12, 2018)
Legal Writing Component:
Monday, April 23 through Monday, May 28, 2018

Required Materials:  
To be purchased by participating students, available through the Law School Admissions Council (www.lsac.org):
•    10 Actual, Official LSAT PREPTESTS, with Comparative Reading Comprehension (Exams 52-61)
•    10 Actual, Official LSAT PREPTESTS, Volume V (Exams 62-71)
•    The Official LSAT PREPTESTS 72 through 77

Price:  $995.00


Course Title: Focus Approach On Demand – FCSL Guaranteed Admission Program – June 2018

Channel Program Application

Deadline for Payment: Monday, April 2, 2018

For more information:

LSAT Program
Peter Gormanly, Esq.
(914) 763-0128

Legal Writing Program
Megan Schade, Esq.
(904) 256-1211