Q&A for Students


The Bureau is a student directed organization through which Coastal Law students will complete research projects at the direction of participating poverty law attorneys. The The Bureau also provides opportunities for students to learn about poverty law, develop research and writing skills, and acquire a greater understanding of the roles of ethics and professionalism. Students will also gain an intimate understanding of the vast range of issues that bear on the legal interests of the poor and a deep appreciation for the importance of equal access to justice.


All law students who have completed all required first-year courses in the full-time J.D. program with successful completion of LF-Row, and have a minimum GPA of 2.3, are eligible to participate in the Bureau as Research Associates (“Associates”). Legal Editing is also highly recommended for all Associates. Students who apply should have good time management and professional communication and work ethic skills. The Bureau currently has Board Members who are upper level students charged with the administration of this student organization. In addition, there are three faculty supervisors: Professors Clement, Millard, and Coll.


To contact the Bureau, however, please contact one of the Professors named above.


  • Learn important lawyering and professional skills while contributing to the cause of equal justice.
  • Develop and improve your research and written communication skills.
  • Help make legal services available to indigent clients in underserved communities.
  • Assist and communicate with attorneys handling poverty law and other public interest cases.
  • Gain exposure to current relevant legal issues affecting the poor and those who represent them.
  • Collaborate effectively and professionally with colleagues and supervising attorneys.
  • Develop a file of writing samples on current legal issues.
  • Help develop this new student organization, and become a leader at Coastal Law.


Once selected, Associates will have to complete required trainings. After completing the required trainings, Associates will handle research requests submitted by attorneys working for poverty law organizations in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Each Associate will be responsible for working with another Associate to conduct research and produce a written memorandum. Associates have full access to the resources available through the Florida Coastal Library & Technology Center, including books, law reviews, and databases providing access to national and international primary and secondary legal resources. Associates will be able to use their Lexis and Westlaw accounts for these projects as well. Participating students can expect to provide assistance on a wide range of legal issues.