Q&A for Requesting Attorneys

The Bureau is a student-run volunteer research service that provides free legal research services to attorneys working for public interest law organizations. Attorneys working for poverty law or other public interest law organizations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi may use the service at no cost.

If your program is interested in using this service and you are an attorney working for a poverty law or public interest law organization, you should email researchbureau@fcsl.edu to obtain a log in id and password for your program. Once you have this information you may access the online program by clicking on http://www.fcsl.edu/bureau. You will then be able to complete a research request form and post a research request.

No. Each program will receive a single username and password that can be used by any attorney in that program. It will not matter if the program has a single office or multiple branch offices throughout a particular state.

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours of submitting your request. The email will inform you whether your research request has been accepted and assigned. Because the Bureau is a student operated program, all research requests will be initially screened for acceptance.

Generally, Student Research Associates complete research requests during a twenty-one day editorial process overseen by the Bureau’s student board of editors. The Bureau’s multi-layered twenty-one day editorial and research process is designed to ensure the production of the highest quality work-product. However, the timing of the completion of any specific research request will depend on the complexity of the project and the availability of a Student Research Associate. Before accepting a research request, the Bureau will confirm any identified deadline and whether the Bureau will be able to complete the research request within the time specified by the requesting attorney.

The Bureau’s website has an online research request form that you will need to complete. The online request form requires you to enter certain required types of descriptive information about the issue or question you wanted research. You will have an opportunity on the online form to describe the nature of the issue or question and to attach any documents you wish the Student Research Associate to use in completing the research request. Your narrative explanation should contain enough information to permit the Student Research Associate to readily identify the issue or question she is being asked to research. If the research request depends on facts, you should include a description of any facts that are essential to completing the research request.

Student Research Associates have full access to the resources available through the Florida Coastal Library & Technology Center, including all regional and federal reporters, many treatises, law reviews, and subscription databases for national and international primary and secondary sources. The Florida Coastal Library & Technology Center’s holdings include over 132, 000 titles. The collection contains over 2,800 serial and periodical subscriptions, 80,000 microform titles, and 24,000 electronic titles, giving Student Research Associates access to a broad array of legal materials and resources for every jurisdiction in the nation. In addition to the collection, Research Associates have access to a staff of fifteen professional law librarians as well as Westlaw and Lexis.

The research assistance provided by the Student Research Associates can range from a written legal memo to finding and gathering legal research materials such as judicial decisions, administrative rules, or legislation. The online research request form permits you to specify the format in which you wish to receive the research.

Our service will be available year round but will suspend operations during exam periods and semester breaks.

Yes. You can specify that in your online research request or you can contact the Bureau after your research request has been accepted to speak with the assigned Research Associate.

You can send an email to researchBureau@fcsl.edu or call 904.256.1191. Or you can contact one of the faculty advisors:

  • Kirsten Clement (904)680-7789
  • Melissa Coll (904)256-1194
  • Karen Millard (904)680-7672