What Does Bowling Have To Do With Internships?

You wouldn’t normally associate bowling with job searches, would you?

When I encourage students to network by attending bar functions, they typically look for luncheons or receptions.  Although those types of events are great to attend, there are countless other opportunities to network with law firms and attorneys at many other less traditional bar events. 

For example, one of my 1L students took the initiative to attend a bowling event sponsored by a local bar association, and he walked out that night with an offer for an internship.  And he didn’t have to present a resume or schedule an interview!  Through casual conversation, the attorney was convinced the student would be a good fit for his office.  So when you’re looking for networking opportunities, scour the calendar for off-beat events like tree plantings, home building drives, golf outings, or even a Karaoke night.  Check with the local bar association for tips on what type of attire is appropriate and come eager to have fun.  Because if you are having fun, that means you are talking with people, which is – networking!

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