Welcoming new board members to Coastal Law Mock Trial and Law Review

The 2013-2014 Mock Trial Executive Board was selected this past week. Please join me in congratulating:

  • President: Tracy Engle
  • Vice President of Communications: Tiffany Roman
  • Vice President of Standards: Amanda Derby
  • Vice President of New Members: Christine Martin
  • Vice President of Internal Competition: Camille Smith

This weekend the intraschool competition to select a team for the ABA Client Counseling Competition was held. Four teams competed in the selection rounds. We are pleased to announce that Cynthia Barnes and Nakeisha Baptiste were chosen to represent Florida Coastal at the ABA Regional Client Counseling Competition which will be held at Nova Southeastern University College of Law on February 9, 2013.

The Florida Coastal Law Review is proud to announce the members of the 2013-2014 Editorial Board:

  • Editor-in-Chief – Amanda L. Ingersoll
  • Managing Editor – T. L. Coleman Brooks
  • Executive Editors – Kristy E. Warren & Job Fickett
  • Senior Articles Editor – Jimmy C. Durstein
  • Submissions/Symposium Editor – Neda A. Sharifi
  • Notes & Comments Editor – A. Derek Folds
  • Technical Editor – Trey Coker
  • Research & Writing Editor – Patrick Goode
  • Manuscript Editor – Christian A. Rogers

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