Use Your Spring Break Wisely

With Spring Break just a few short days away, it may be wise to keep a few things in mind.

(1) Don’t squander all that free time!  While it may be tempting to take the entire week off, I strongly encourage you to rethink that option.  Being away from the substantive material for that length of time can be prohibitive when you begin to study for final exams.  Instead, allow yourself a few days to relax and recharge without guilt, but then be sure you get back to the material no later than mid-week.  If you are very far behind in your work, you may not be able to take as much time off.

(2) Use spring break as an opportunity to dig into supplements to help you understand those topics that have been giving you some trouble.  Ideally you would completely understand every topic your professor has covered in each and every class.  Realistically though, we all know that’s not the case.  Rather than overwhelming yourself and saying you’re going to review everything, choose those specific topics that are most challenging for you and take back control of your studying.

(3) Get on track with your outlines, flashcards, charts, etc.  Hopefully you have already begun to gather all your class information into a usable course summary.  Whether you just have to update your outlines, or start them from scratch, spring break is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed with each of your classes.  As a bonus: use those course summaries to work on some practice questions (both essay and multiple choice) to test your knowledge and the quality of your outline all at the same time.  Remember, the Academic Success counselors are here to help.  Whenever you write extra practice essays, schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor to get feedback on your work.

(4) Get ahead of the game.  If your outlines are up to date and you’ve worked through a sufficient amount of practice questions, use this time to get ahead in your work.  Read a few extra class assigments so you’re prepared for class.  Create a skeleton outline of the remaining material based on your class syllabus so that all you have to do is fill in the details to keep your outline up to date.

(5) Figure out a plan of attack for the rest of the semester.  April 26th is the last day of class this semester (May 2nd if you’re a Spring admit).  That means that after spring break, you only have 5 1/2 weeks (or 6 for Spring admits) remaining until classes end and finals begin.  Now is the time to start thinking about when you’ll start studying for finals and how you’re going to budget your time.

When you come back to class after spring break, you should be completely caught up with everything.  You should not be thinking, “Oh, I just have that one other thing to finish…”  There is not time to play catch-up after the break.  Therefore, use your time wisely.  When you’re back from break, stay on top of things for the remaining weeks of the semester.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to come speak to a member of our team.  Most importantly, have a safe spring break; we look forward to seeing you all again on the 21st!

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