Updated commencement speaker and law review citations

I would like to announce a change in the speaker for our Commencement Ceremony. Judge Deanell Tacha, who had been scheduled to speak, had to undergo hip surgery last week and is unable to travel for six weeks. Henry M. Coxe, III, former president of the Florida Bar and a member of the Florida Coastal Board of Advisors has graciously agreed to be our speaker. The Ceremony is at 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 14 at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

Congratulations to the Volunteer Immigrant Student Alliance, HALSA and the Multicultural Affairs committee for their informative and compelling symposium on Asylum and Human rights issues on last Friday. Nationally recognized experts on Asylum and international human rights law guided students through practical and in-depth discussions on current issues.

Late last week, the Law Review learned that the Review was cited in the Idaho Court of Appeals opinion of Idaho v. Pepcorn, 2011 WL 1366779, at *7 (April 12, 2011). Specifically, the opinion directly quoted language from a 2006 issue of the law review:

See also Washington v. Recuenco, 548 U.S. 212, 213 (2006) (following the Neder approach); 7 WAYNE R. LAFAVE ET AL ., CRIMINAL PROCEDURE § 27.6(e) (3d ed.2007) (observing that the most recent United States Supreme Court opinions follow the approach of “asking what the outcome would have been had the trial error not occurred” rather than applying the Chapman test “assessing the effect of the error on the trial that took place”); Brent M. Craig, “What Were They Thinking?”—A Proposed Approach to Harmless Error Analysis, 8 FLA. COASTAL L.REV. 1, 9 (2006) (asserting that the United States Supreme Court has “jump[ed] around; at times using the pure Chapman [sic] test of whether the constitutional error contributed to the verdict, and at other times appl[ying] the Harrington [sic] test of whether, notwithstanding the error, there was overwhelming evidence to convict the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt”).

Please join me in congratulating the Law Review for their continued excellent work.

Finally, Tuesday is, as I am sure everyone knows, the last day of classes. As final exams approach, please be respectful of those who are studying for exams. I wish all of our students all the best over the next several weeks.

Have a great week everyone.

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