Translating Legal Skills to an Alternative Career

One roadblock in obtaining that dream non-traditional legal career, is convincing a potential employer that you have the skills necessary to do the job.  You will need to articulate all the skills you have acquired from your legal training that are relevant to the job for which you are applying.  I cannot emphasize this enough – YOU MUST TELL the potential employer WHAT SKILLS YOU HAVE, a potential employer is not going to know this! 

So what skills have you acquired in law school that may be relevant to an alternative legal career?  How about being able to:

  • Analyze problems
  • Think strategically and plan ahead 
  • Identify issues and anticipate problems
  • Generate solutions
  • Synthesize large amounts of information
  • Write logically and succinctly
  • Negotiate and persuade
  • Research
  • Multitask and prioritize many tasks
  • Attend to details

Have a specific non-traditional job you would like to apply for, but don’t know what skills are relevant?  Make an appointment with a CSD counselor and we can help you with that!

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