Tip #4 for a Successful Internship

This week, I am featuring a guest blogger who is a student in the Atlanta Networking Club, Andrew Weegar.  Andrew did an amazing job of networking last year to find internships with two firms last summer.  Andrew will share his insight from a student’s perspective on how to have a successful internship.        

Another good tip for your first internship is to ask questions about your assignments if you are unsure exactly what you should do.  However, it is just as important to understand who you should ask certain types of questions. For example, at my internships I quickly learned that I shouldn’t waste the attorneys’ time with questions about where files are, very general stylistic writing questions, or basic questions regarding very common and routine issues the firm deals with. In these situations it is best to ask a paralegal or secretary for their help, assuming you cannot find the answer yourself first. During your internship you will see how busy attorneys really are and how much they charge for their time.  It is ideal if you waste as little of their time as possible with issues that other people in the office can address. This is not to say that paralegals’ and secretaries’ time is not important, and you need to figure out what you should and should not ask support staff, as well, as they can be just as busy as the attorneys. Remember, you were hired to help make everyone’s work load a little easier and to learn about how the legal profession actually works. Figuring out who to ask and when to ask questions can be the hardest part of your internship.  Of course, most people are very understanding with new law students, so don’t be afraid to ask if you really need the help.

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