Tip #3 for a Successful Internship

This week, I am featuring a guest blogger who is a student in the Atlanta Networking Club, Andrew Weegar.  Andrew did an amazing job of networking last year to find internships with two firms last summer.  Andrew will share his insight from a student’s perspective on how to have a successful internship.

Take on all assignments offered to you and don’t be afraid to ask to do something. The first part is easy.  You want to be busy and get as much experience as possible, and taking on all tasks offered is a great way to do that. When taking on a new task, either ask for or offer your own timeline for when you will complete the task. Setting your own timeline may be tricky if you have never worked on that type of project before so you should err on the side of caution and set a longer timeline than you think is necessary. Also, ask to assist in writing articles that the attorney will be publishing. At my internship with the larger firm, I was able to write an article for one of the partners that will be published in a local legal magazine in the area. The partner liked my first article so much that she invited me to write more articles for the magazine on a regular basis. Attorneys like to have assistance with these types of writing assignments since they will not produce any direct revenue for the firm and can be time consuming. However, for me and other law students, this is a great way to get your name published in the market.

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