Tip #2 for a Successful Internship

This week, I am featuring a guest blogger who is a student in the Atlanta Networking Club, Andrew Weegar.  Andrew did an amazing job of networking last year to find internships with two firms last summer.  Andrew will share his insight from a student’s perspective on how to have a successful internship.

Once you start your internship, keep a notebook or legal pad with you at all times to write down assignments you are given. You will likely be given tasks from everyone in the office, often when you are away from your desk, so having something to write on will ensure you don’t have to bother the assigning attorneys by asking them to repeat the instructions later. Also, you should write down questions you want to ask the attorneys when they aren’t busy. Remember to focus some of these questions on how the law firm operates and the business practice of law. During my internship at the larger firm, I sat down and had an hour conversation with one of the partners where she explained to me, in detail, how billable hours work, how the firm attracts and gets new clients, and how the track to partnership works at most firms. This was my first exposure to any of these topics, and the information I gained showed me a whole different side of practicing law. If I had not kept a legal pad on me at all times while I was at work, I would have forgotten these questions and never asked them.

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