Tip #1 for a Successful Internship

This week, I am featuring a guest blogger who is a student in the Atlanta Networking Club, Andrew Weegar.  Andrew did an amazing job of networking last year to find internships with two firms last summer.  Andrew will share his insight from a student’s perspective on how to have a successful internship.

My name is Andrew Weegar, and I am a 2L who returned this semester from my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia where I spent the summer interning. Here are some of my experiences from this past summer, as well as some tips as to how to make sure you make the right impression on your employer.

The first step to having a great internship is making sure you are at the right firm. When determining what firm you should be at for your first legal market experience, think small. The smaller the firm, the more responsibilities you will likely have. Solo practitioners are great at giving law students real experience in their first year since solo practitioners do everything by themselves. For example, this summer I had two internships in Atlanta.  The first internship was with a solo practitioner, the second was with a firm that had three lawyers and two paralegals. At my internship with the solo practitioner, I walked in the door on my first day and within ten minutes I was drafting a complaint. Throughout my time with the solo practitioner I wrote complaints, answers, and numerous motions to courts in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and California. In contrast, it my internship with the larger firm I did not write a single court document.  I spent most of my time conducting legal research, checking their client files, and writing demand letters. While this was still good legal experience, drafting legal documents will be more meaningful on my resume.

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