Technology of the Week- Lexis Q&A Series

Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Android

The app is FREE and allows students to test their skills with multiple choice and essay questions for a specific subject matter covered in the law school curriculum:

  • Review questions, make educated guesses and receive detailed analysis all with a click of a few buttons.
  • Anticipate questions professors might ask in class and prepare well-reasoned answers to them
  • Preview the first ten questions of any title before deciding to purchase more questions for that title (each title is $14.99)
  • The Q&A Series app includes 27 subject areas including:
    • Evidence
    • Torts
    • Contracts
    • Bankruptcy
    • First Amendment Law
    • Administrative Law
    • Federal Estate & Gift Taxation
    • Criminal Law
    • Constitutional Law
    • Property
    • Professional Responsibility
    • Business Associations
    • Criminal Procedure

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