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Common Mistakes Made in Law School Applications

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What’s Holding Your Law School Application Back From The Committee? There are some common mistakes students make in their law school application. Here are the tips to avoid them.

As the Admissions Processor for Florida Coastal School of Law, one of my responsibilities is to make sure that each application we receive is completed with all required documentation before sending it on to the committee for review.  With that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the most common reasons your application may come back with an incomplete status.


  • Character and Fitness Questions: Please read all of these questions carefully and provide all the information asked for.  Especially question #4 pertaining to academic warning, probation, or suspension.  Remember…if you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, an explanation is required.
  • Waiting on CAS Report: Please check your LSAC account to make sure the required documents arrive in a timely manner.  If the documents have not been received within 2 weeks, you should contact your undergraduate institutions and/or recommenders again.  LSAC will not release your CAS report until everything is received.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Often times, your recommenders push writing the letter to a later time and end up forgetting to do it.
  • Transcripts: Make sure you notify all undergraduate institutions you have attended to send LSAC your official transcripts.   These are required to calculate your cumulative GPA.
  • Law School Transcript and Letter of Standing: If you previously attended law school these two items are also required.
  • Hold LSAT: If you are registered to take the LSAT, FCSL will automatically hold your application until we receive the new score.  You can, however, request that we review your file with your current LSAT score.


What are some of the questions you have regarding the law school application? Leave a question in the comments below.

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