Special advice to parents of first-year students

Coastal Law’s Career Services Department offers special programming to 1L students to give them a competitive edge in the job search process. Please encourage your 1L to:

  • Watch the CSD’s 1L Job Search CurriculumYou’re Hired, which is an online, step by step career plan that is mandatory viewing for all second semester 1Ls. 1Ls will learn about the curriculum during 1L Career Services Orientation in November.
  • Attend the Startling Line on November 15 to learn about all the things they can do with their J.D. The Starting Line is an informational event designed to help 1Ls establish career goals early in law school. We host approximately 50 legal employers in diverse areas ranging from private practice to public interest to alternative legal careers. 1Ls will be asked to bring a preliminary resume as their ticket to enter the event this year.
  • Schedule an introductory appointment with a career counselor early in their 2nd semester: We will help them determine their career interests, map out job search strategies, practice interviewing techniques, and further develop the professional skills they will need in the legal community.

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