Slight Majority of 2010 Law School Graduates Employed At Law Firms

Each year, salary and employment trends of recent law graduates are analyzed in Jobs & JDs:  Employment and Salaries of New Law Graduates.  Through NALP, we recently received a peek at the 2010 statistics, which reveal that a slight majority of employed graduates obtained their first job at a law firm.  Also, jobs in small firms outnumbered those in firms of more than 100 lawyers for the first time since 1997.  In addition, the percentage of law students hanging their own shingle for a solo practice increased.   What does this information mean for you?  It continues to be a very competitive market, but law firms are still the legal employer of choice for recent graduates.  For the best result, focus your efforts on small firms.  Schedule an individual appointment with a Career Services Counselor to review your application materials and to plan your job search strategy to maximize your marketability.  

The full report of Jobs & JDs will be available in August, and we will have a copy in our office.  So stop by in the Fall to learn more detailed information on the types of employment and salaries obtained by law school graduates in 2010, including the following:

  • what types of jobs graduates found and where they found them;
  • what members of the Class were earning;
  • how earnings varied with geographic location and job type;
  • what sizes of law firms employed the most graduates;
  • which states offered the most job opportunities; and
  • how women and minorities in the Class fared.

In the meantime, you can read the full text of the Selected Findings released by NALP, which provides a detailed summary of the statistics.

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