School introduces new parent, spouse newsletter

In an effort to better connect families to their students’ experiences in law school, earlier this year Florida Coastal School of Law launched Coastal CURRENTS — a monthly newsletter exclusively for parents and spouses.

According to the latest figures, approximately 225 parents and spouses have signed up to receive information about upcoming events, important deadlines, and other items of interest to law students and their loved ones.

“Realizing parents and other family members want to be involved and informed, we knew we needed to create a platform for them to regularly receive the information we can share,” said Brooks Terry, director of marketing and communications for the law school.

“Additionally, we understand families often play significant roles in helping students make a number of important choices, including which classes to take, how much money to borrow, and how to spend their summers wisely. We wanted to bring them in and make them as informed as we possibly can.”

Florida Coastal School of Law is not alone in its exploration of ways to include and involve parents in their students’ lives without violating privacy regulations. Higher education conferences around the country have addressed ways to draw more parents and spouses into the fold, as trends have shown families — parents in particular — remain highly influential throughout the student experience.

“To ignore that highly engaged audience is unwise,” Terry said.

Terry added each newsletter’s open rates — the number of times a subscriber elects to read it — hovers much higher than the industry high of 14.5 percent. Coastal CURRENTS emailed newsletters, he said, have an open rate of more than 50 percent.

As the first year of Coastal CURRENTS comes to a close, he said it is in the process of being refined even further. By next year, he said families will receive newsletter editions that are tailor-made for their student’s year of study at Florida Coastal School of Law.

“This was a pilot year for us,” Terry said, “and as pleased as we are with the results, we want to continuously improve and make the newsletter as targeted and strategic as we can. Each year in law school presents an entirely new set of opportunities and challenges, so we have to be effective, we have to be current — no pun intended.”

Parents and spouses can sign up to receive Coastal CURRENTS at

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