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With midterms just a week or so away, you may be getting a bit nervous about what you should be doing to prepare.  The image above makes a good point.  Don’t panic!  Panic will only add to your stress and may have a negative consequence on your study time.  Hopefully you have been keeping up with your work throughout the semester, i.e., you’re up to date on reading for class, you’ve spent a sufficient amount of time reviewing the materials covered in class, and you’ve kept your outlines up to date.  If you’ve done all of those things then now is the time to start working some practice into your routine.

There’s a famous line from Rubenstein that should become your mantra.  When asked how one gets to Carnegie Hall, Rubenstein answered, “Practice, practice, practice!”  This saying holds true in law school too.  You may feel as though you have a firm grasp on the material you’ve covered in class, but if you aren’t able to relay that knowledge on paper during the exam then you may not be able to achieve the grades you desire.  Law school exams are not about simply regurgitating the rules you’ve been studying throughout the semester.  Rather, exams are your opportunitly to demonstrate to your professors that you understand how to apply the rules that have been discussed in class.  To be prepared to do that on test day, be sure you are doing sufficient practice now – both essay and multiple choice.

If you’re not sure where to find practice questions, you have several sources available to you.  The Academic Success Department has created a SharePoint site with some practice essays and answers posted for your classes.  The Library has gathered some practice exams questions and answers as well on their website.  Finally,  many of the supplement series that we suggest using (Q&A, Siegel’s, Finals, Understanding, Crunch Time, etc.) are available behind the circulation desk in the library.  These materials can be checked out for three days at a time.

As you complete practice essays, please feel free to visit an Academic Success Counselor to receive feedback on your answer.  And of course, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Good luck on your midterms!!!

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