Mathis verdict called a win and ‘disturbing’

Rod Sullivan, a law professor at Florida Coastal School of Law, said attorneys who represent clients with a gambling interest need to be concerned their advice may now cause them great exposure.

Defense attorney Mitch Stone called the potential precedent set by the case “very disturbing.”

Mathis agreed, saying, “Attorneys are on trial in this case. And attorneys all over the nation need to be very afraid when six years after you give legal advice, somebody disagrees with that legal advice and they can convict you of a crime.”

Sullivan said when the Internet cafes surfaced, he spent time researching the issue. The cafes sold Internet time and gave away sweepstakes entries that had to be checked on machines that resembled slot machines.

Sullivan said he determined the businesses “may fall under the exception for sweepstakes.”

“My impression was that this is very much an unsettled area of the law,” he said.

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