LSAT Program: Coastal Law Channel Program


Florida Coastal School of Law now offers prospective law students the unique opportunity to receive LSAT preparation through its Coastal Law Channel Program. This intensive on-demand program is taught by licensed attorneys using a curriculum that has helped students succeed on the LSAT exam for the last 20 years.

Students who enroll for the Fall term will be prepared for the February or June 2016 LSAT exam. Additionally, prospective students who qualify for the Channel Program and earn at least a 143 LSAT score will receive a scholarship to attend Coastal Law along with guaranteed admission into the Fall 2016 term. This one-time scholarship matches the Channel Program’s cost of $995.

Classes start next Tuesday, apply and register now!


Channel Program Application:


Price: $995

Program Details:

  • 60 hours of on-demand LSAT preparation
  • 12 hours of on-demand legal writing instruction designed to give pre-law students a competitive advantage in their first-year, mandatory legal writing class
  • Class term: November 24 – February 6
  • Release dates: Every Tuesday from November 24 to February 2

Required Materials: Available from the Law School Admissions Council (

  • 10 Actual, Official LSAT PREPTESTS, with Comparative Reading Comprehension (Exams 52-61)
  • 10 Actual, Official LSAT PREPTESTS, Volume V (Exams 62-71)
  • The Official LSAT PREPTESTS 72-76

For more information:

LSAT Program
Peter Gormanly, Esq.
(914) 763-0128

Legal Writing Program
Megan Mattson, Esq.
(904) 256-1264

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