Hogshead-Makar to speak at two conferences

Professor Nancy Hogshead-Makar will be a panelist at two separate sports law conferences in October.

October 15 at Boston College of Law

  • On October 15, 2010, Boston College Law School and the Boston College Law Review will hold an all-day symposium that examines some of the legal issues raised by the NCAA’s growth. The symposium will feature four panels during which distinguished law faculty will present academic papers that will be published by the Boston College Law Review. A commentator will then give us his or her thoughts about the paper with an eye to fostering an open give and take about the ideas presented.

October 22 at Marquette University Law School

  • On Friday October 22, 2010, the National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School will host a conference on THE INCREASING REGULATION OF SPORTS IN A DECLINING ECONOMY at the Alumni Memorial Union, on the Marquette University campus in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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