Hogshead-Makar responds to Quinnipiac decision

A recent decision at Qunnipiac University has created some national Title IX buzz to which professor Nancy Hogshead-Makar has lent her expertise.

via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Thirty-eight years after Congress passed Title IX, women fill fewer roster spots and earn fewer athletic scholarship dollars than men both locally and nationwide.

At the five Division I schools in the area — the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Duquesne and Robert Morris universities — 46.9 percent of all undergraduate students in 2008-09 were women, but just 41.2 percent of all athletes were women, according to Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act filings. At each school, women accounted for a smaller percentage of athletes than they do undergraduate students.

Hogshead-Makar provided her own insight at ESPN.com:

Critics of Title IX, the federal law that requires gender equality in education, have gone apoplectic over a recent federal court ruling that Quinnipiac University engaged in numerous violations by manipulating female sport rosters and artificially inflating sports team sizes for women. Some sing the tired, old canard that Title IX is an “absurd” law that results in “legal and bureaucratic nonsense” and “ridiculous” results. Others claim the law has worn out its welcome because, as we all must surely know, women no longer need legal protection in the athletic departments.

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