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Well since most of us will be arriving in Clermont-Ferrand tomorrow, 26th May, I figured I might as well start on this blog thing. I have actually been in Europe for about nine days already so I have adjusted to the time change and my feet are already killing me. I spent six days in London and three days in Dublin, so I got a bit of a head start on the traveling.

I leave Dublin in about 11 hours (6:30 am, ughh) and fly to Paris via Ryanair (major pain, mostly because your checked bag can only be a max of 20kilos, AKA 44lbs, a lot lighter than most major airlines allow, so I had to pack accordingly). But anyway, I leave at 6:30, which means a taxi is picking me from my hotel at 3:30. I probably won’t be sleeping for fear of missing it, and I thought I was done with all-nighters when I was done with college.

I will have a full day of traveling tomorrow, just like most everyone else coming from the States, and I won’t be getting into Clermont until a little after 5:30. Luckily, I am meeting up with Jessie Thompson in Paris at the train station, so neither of us will be alone when we get into town.

Hopefully everyone arrives safely in Clermont over the next few days, and I will begin updating as things happen. Au revoir! (gotta work on the French)

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