Florida Coastal Clinic Professors In Leadership roles at the Annual Florida Bar Meeting

In addition to teaching and supervising students on client legal cases Florida Coastal’ s Clinical professors are active in service to the profession. This week Professors Sullivan, Boeckman and Curran attended the Annual Convention of the Florida Bar. The Bar holds two meetings each year to give members an opportunity to network, attend section and committee meetings and attend seminars with respected legal scholars.
Both Professors Boeckman and Sullivan have been active in leadership roles with the Florida Bar for a number of years. Professor Boeckman has served as both the chair of the Public Interest Law Section (PILS) and Consumer Law Committee. This year Prof. Boeckman will serve as the chair-elect of PILS. She is also finishing a three year term on the Small Claims Rule committee and will be reappointed to the Consumer Protection Law Committee where she previously served for 6 years including one year as the chair of that committee.
Prof. Sullivan is on the Executive Council of the Public Interest Law Section and the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar. Under PILS, she is the Disability Committee chair. Under the Family Law Section, Professor Sullivan is the Chair of the Publications Committee and as such, is responsible for all publications submitted on behalf of the Family Law Section including the Commentator and Section articles for the Florida Bar Journal. Professor Sullivan is finishing up a four-year appointment to the Student Education and Admissions to the Bar Committee and has previously served four years on the Family Law Rules Committee in which she was also the Vice-Chair.

This is Professor Curran’s first year participating in the Florida Bar meetings. Professor Curran has served on the board of American Immigration Lawyers Association of Central Florida for a number of years and has always hoped to get more involved with the Florida bar. With the potential for immigration reform she felt this year was the year to get more involved. Professor Curran will be serving on the Public Interest Law section Executive Committee and hopes to increase pro bono representation for indigent immigrants.

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