First Days

It is Sunday, our first in Clermont-Ferrand, and it has been a rather lazy day. Nothing is open on Sunday’s here so most of us have been doing our readings for class this week, booking trips for this weekend, and catching up on sleep. I got into town on Thursday via train and ended up having to walk from the station to the MIU (where we are staying) since Jessie and I couldn’t find any taxis and no one from the Super Brigade was available to pick us up. That was quite an experience considering we were lugging about 200lbs of luggage between us. However, we made it and were able to check in smoothly.

Our rooms here are very nice, clean and spacious. I have a studio so I have a little kitchen “nook” and a balcony that the standard rooms don’t have. It makes it a little bit bigger and I was able to cook a big dinner last night for two of us. There is a double bed and a TV, though the only station in english is CNN International, which isn’t even really the news, more like feature stories that are constantly replayed. I wish I had loaded some DVD’s on my computer before I left since Netflix, etc. don’t work over here.

Friday night 18 of us went out to dinner and then out to the Tree Bar. It was way too many people for dinner (they forgot my beer, three times–it finally came out with everyone’s dinner, but then they had forgot my dinner too, idk what I did ha).

A few of us have gotten cheap phones, which makes meeting up with people infinitely easier since you don’t have to keep refreshing facebook waiting on someone to respond. I have also been to the market, twice, which is really easy and only a 5 min walk from the MIU.

So, classes start tomorrow and this weekend is a four day weekend so most people have planned trips. I am going to Brussels so I am really excited about that. Tomorrow is also orientation and we have a welcome party so we can finally see who all is here. Ciao.

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